Microsoft Rolls Out New Face Swap App For Android Users


The new Face Swap app launched by Microsoft can now be freely downloaded from Google Play Store. The app allows you to swap your face with others to see how a person looks with a different haircut. It is one of the free additional revenue generating streams.

The concept of Face Swap app is not new as there are plenty of face-swapping apps available so far but this app will surely keep users entertained for some time. Also, this app is free of ads. The app has many features and as the name suggests it does not just swap faces. One of the key advantages of Face Swap app is that it does everything automatically and do not need any photoshop skills.

Users just need to take a selfie using their phone and then select the image to swap faces. Any photo from the gallery can be selected or you can search online for the photo and select it for the Face Swap app. After choosing the photo users can apply their face to the background or any person of their choice. The Face Swap app comes with built-in Bing search which will help users to search for a scene where they can fit their selfie.

Microsoft says that the app has face swap engine that makes the photo more natural. The app also allows the users to match skin tones, lighting conditions, tilts and turns and much more. The Face Swap app is available for Android users in few countries like US, Canada, Australia and will be available to India soon. If the app successfully attracts a large number of users then it will be released in other markets also.

The app can also assist the individual who is looking to try certain clothing item before buying it. There are many such options. Microsoft also says that it will keep updating its app providing users the more options for swapping their face with.