Colorado Campaign Aims To Ban Smartphones Sale For Kids Below 13 Years Of Age


    Colorado may be the first one to ban the retailers from selling smartphones to kids below 13 years of age. The main motive of the Colorado Campaign is to prohibit kids below 13 years of age from becoming smartphone addicts and spending too much time on it.Colorado Campaign Aims To Ban Smartphones Sale For Kids Below 13 Years Of Age

    Colorado officials have proposed a survey which will place the legal limits on buying smartphones. The Colorado-based medical expert is the main face of the ban of smartphone sales as the device is harmful to many young kids which may even give rise to suicide cases. The smartphone ban campaign is led by Denver-based dad and doctor Tim Farnum, a board-certified anesthesiologist.

    The announcement is seen as a way to begin the conversation here and throughout the nation whether to put the powerful tool in the hands of kids below 13 years of age or not. After the ban, the smartphone seller will require asking the customer about the age of primary smartphone user. Also, the retailers who sell the smartphones to the kids below 13 years of age has to pay a penalty of $500 after warning. Furthermore, the smartphone retailers need to submit the monthly reports to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

    As the use of smartphones is restricting the kids from going out and involving in some outdoor activities, the kids are spending all their time at home sitting in front of smartphones due to which they may suffer speech and language issues. Farnum was motivated to begin this campaign after he saw his kids struggling with smartphone use.

    The smartphone retailers have continued promoting their smartphones which have led to reckless usage by kids that affect their health and safety. The government bodies and the parents have also failed to notice the level of addiction, harm caused.

    In order to make Colorado Campaign successful till 2018, 300,000 voters’ signatures are required but the campaign is already undergoing through various challenges. One of the research related to smartphone use was published in the month of March which revealed that more than 3 hours of smartphone use can affect their physical health and cause diabetes in young kids. These kids may lack the coping ability and problem-solving skills which are gained through public interaction.