Celebrities have been warned for posting misleading pics on InstagramThe government of US has warned a couple of celebrities for posting the misleading pictures on Instagram feeds. On Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission has issued warning letters to more than 90 celebrities, athletes and models for performing such misleading act. They said, “We had identified a group of social-media influencers who have been endorsing things without revealing that they were being paid to do that, thereby violating federal trade laws by misleading consumers.”

The list included Kim Kardashian who has more than 95 million Instagram followers and on the other singer and actress Rihanna with over 51 million followers. FTC did not disclose the information to whom it has sent the warning letters. The letter includes the warning stating that it must be made clear in the initial three lines of an Instagram caption that is sponsored as many users see only first three lines of a longer post and move forward even without reading the entire post.

The commission said: “When multiple tags, hashtags, or links are used, readers may just skip over them, especially when they appear at the end of a long post – meaning that a disclosure placed in such a string is not likely to be conspicuous.”

The manager said, it is insufficient to put “#sp”, an abbreviation for sponsored or “Thanks” or “Partner” in an Instagram post.  The FTC is insisting the internet advertising to follow same rules as that of traditional advertisers. The rules state that it has to reveal the name of the person if he was paid to promote or review a product.”

As part of that settlement, Warner Bros agreed to disclose payments to influencers in future campaigns or risk penalties or contempt charges. In July 2016, it made a settlement with Warner Bros Home Entertainment as it was unsuccessful for disclosing thousands of dollars in payments to famous stars of the internet for posting positive videos and reviews of the company’s game ‘Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’.

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