Scientists have recorded a massive melt event on the surface of West Antarctica which can make the planet warmer. Global warming caused by humans has melted the massive ice cover of the West Antarctica.Scientists Are Amazed By The Antarctic Rainfall And The Massive Melt Which Is Bigger Than Texas

The melting of sea ice is worrying researchers as the warmer oceans are wiping away the sea ice cover. The melting of sea ice across Antarctic has threatened many cities and nearby regions causing a rise in sea levels.

In the Antarctic Summer of 2016, the biggest floating ice platform on Earth has acknowledged meltwater for 15 days in some regions. About 300,000 square miles region has experienced meltwater which is larger than the state of Texas. The melting of sea ice in West Antarctica has led to rising in the sea level of 10 feet.

The moist air from the ocean was brought to the Antarctic region. Some reports also claim that some regions have also faced rainfall at the top of Ross Ice Shelf and other regions of West Antarctica.

The paper related to this was published in the journal Nature Communications which provides some hints for the future.  David Bromwich, the lead author of the study and the Antarctic expert at Ohio State University said that the West Antarctica is slowly disintegrating due to the warm water which have melted the ice shelves and in future, this could become more vulnerable.

The satellite data and the microwave data gathered by research team have shown larger melt event taking place. The melt may have taken place due to strong El Niño event which brings warmth to West Antarctica. As of now, the melt has not caused much damage and the melted ice has refrozen.

According to the ice sheets model, there could be a major loss of ice shelves in this century which can increase the sea level by 4 feet in Antarctica alone.

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